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We Fought and Died For You

It’s been a very long time since I’e posted anything on this blog. 2015 has proven to be a very busy year. I changed jobs and also started to freelance as a consultant. Most of my spare time has now become time when I’m working and when I haven’t been working, I’ve been spending time with my family. But I often think to myself ‘I must get back to writing my blog’.

I’ve found some time this morning and I have something I’d like to share so here goes….

I few weeks ago I responded to a Facebook post on the Voice newspapers thread.  Here is it below:

We died and fought for you

I posted in the comments beneath the picture as the paper asked for an opinion; do you agree with the sentiment? Here was my response:

All you have to think is when you hear there’s been a stabbing somewhere in London, who comes into your mind as both victim and perpetrator? It’s a sad thing to say and I think ‘black on black’ crime is a completely reductive tag line to stir up hostility BUT I see a total lack of respect for the lives of our brothers and sisters replaced by so called status, street rep and nonsense that our kids have bought into. More to be said for (systemic) poverty, indoctrination and the destruction of our families than so called ‘black on black’ crime.

This was posted on October 21st.  Since then, the post has picked up quite a bit of interest with 53 likes and 15 comments.  The discussion on this thread has really inspired me to post a blog today and it felt appropriate because of the time of year (it being Remembrance Sunday). The comments have been thoughtful, diverse and constructive.  Not always in complete agreement but really thought-provoking. I wanted to share the thread and see what others think.  This is a topic close to my heart, this blog has mostly been concerned with ideas of identity and race. So my question to you is the same; ‘do you agree?’ 

What are you thoughts on the picture? Feel free to share, challenge (constructively!) and provoke.