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Election Fraud: The Barking Dog in a Media Vacuum

Excellent piece here drawing out the significance of the recent local elections particularly the London and Bristol new mayors, Rees and Khan, and also very real and important issues around #ElectionExpenses that has so far been played down by most of our media.

Media Diversified

by Kiri Kankhwende 

There seemed to be something for every party to take away from what political pundits tried to brand Super Thursday (but which stubbornly remained simply Thursday for most people).

As the country went to the polls for the first local and mayoral elections since the General Election last year, only one result made international news: the London Mayoral election. And rightly so; after such a bitter, Islamophobic campaign from the Conservatives, the world was watching to see how London would react.

London responded by handing Khan one of the biggest personal political mandates in Europe with a resounding victory, making him an historic figure as London’s first Muslim Mayor (check out our columnist Chimene Suleyman’s brilliant analysis on that point).

_85501706_a19dea0f-299c-416d-a371-a85656203306But Khan wasn’t the only one to make history; the new Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees, is the first Mayor in Europe from an Afro-Caribbean background. This…

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